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11 Sep
by Checks n Balances

Technology of Today – Does it sound like a dream?

Turn paperwork into data that your bookkeeper can use….and they stop calling you asking for paper copies of everything!    Using this system, there might be a few items that your bookkeeper would need to ask for….however it’s minimal!

Welcome to the technology of today.  With Hubdoc and Quickbooks online you just take a picture with your phone when you get a receipt and then throw it in a box.  We don’t want to see the receipt or the box – we just recommend you keep the paper to comply with CRA requirements of retaining your paper receipts for 7 years.

The Joy of Hubdoc / QuickBooks Online

  • Hubdoc keeps pictures of all your receipts – in folders by vendor for you
  • Hubdoc does some of the busy work of entry – we still look at every receipt but it can be faster than flattening, sorting, entering and then filing your receipts for you.
  • Hubdoc pulls statements for you – we have it already.
  • Most places you log in to a website and get the statements- Hubdoc can do that
  • If the vendor emails you statements- it can be emailed directly to Hubdoc for you.
  • Looking for something? Quickly search through all of your documents and find matching
    keywords or phrases, accountants and co-workers.

HubDoc integrates easily with other platforms – including QuickBooks Online. Allowing your bookkeeper to publish your documents directly to the accounting software of your choice.

BEST PART !!!   Checks n Balances offers monthly fixed pricing packages for small business, we assist with conversion from your current system and train on the new software.  Also offering full cycle bookkeeping or payroll services



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