Payroll Services

Checks n Balances has you covered with our full range of payroll services. We offer monthly, semi-monthly, or bi-weekly payroll options to meet the needs of your business and provide peace of mind for you and your employees.

Time is Money™…and money is time.

Reduce costs and gain peace of mind with Checks n Balances

Cost Effective

Improve Efficiency

Peace of Mind

Make payroll convenient

  • Employee direct deposit eliminates the risk of lost or stolen cheques and as an employer you know each employee has instant access immediately to their pay.
  • Reduce your business costs with no more printing and signing of cheques. Electronic employee payroll is directly deposited into each employee’s bank account.
  • Let Checks n Balances prepare your payroll with professional staff educated on labour laws and deductions, eliminating the risk of late payments and fines from the CRA

Simplify your workload

  • Direct deposit services for employees
  • Automatic payroll tax filing
  • Year end T4,T4A,T5018 – Summary for year-end tax filing
  • Record of Employment (ROE) Electronic filed
  • Complete set of payroll reports provided to business owner or bookkeeper
  • Online and email pay statements
  • Calculate Labour Standard holidays and vacation time
  • Workers compensation Board (WCB) returns

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